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I was tagged *Ahh*

I was tagged by brian-mays-hair-curlers


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• Is there any special meaning behind your URL?: ya my fairy king is one of my favorite Queen songs

• How well do you get along with people?: pretty well actually im nice until you do something to lose my respect or provoke me to get angry.

• What’s your dream career?: being a Mortician then later in my life a Astronomer

• Do you have any body modifications?: Nah Brah

• Is your hair color natural or dyed?: Dyed black like me soul

• Are you satisfied with your life?: Getting there

• If you could see any band/ musician ( dead or alive) who would it be and why?: Freddie Mercury, I actually wanna see Queen all together with deaks and Freddie because that band means so much to me and opened my eyes to alot of things and made me like myself more

• what’s your favorite eye color? : Hazel, Green or grey

• If you could live anywhere in the world where would you live?: London

• what’s your favorite season and why?: fall because I like the smell of the fucking air. Oh and because of Halloween
• what’s you’re favorite band?

• gotta celebrity crush?

• are you into paranormal things?

• are you a virgin?

• favorite album?

• would you rather stargaze with brian may and when your done he passionatly kisses you or Go for a ride in Roger Taylors car and when he parks it events lead to another?
• least favorite song?

• how old is your bitch ass?

• ever done dope?

• the rolling stones or the beatles?

• what do you look for in a guy?
I tag these niggas;
anitaisawench , heaven4everyone , sonne-cat, musalovesfood , dungeonpeaches , kaishithepsycho , brian4life, kassyfox, killer-and-playful-pussy-cat , purplesfinx, dontlooktheshadowsbreathe

Omg I found this on vine im dying xD

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